New Zanzarah Video Online

Now there's a new supply for everybody who just can't get enough game screenshots until "Zanzarah - The Hidden Portal" is released. From today on, there is a new video available for download. It doesn't only provide further impressions of the game's scenery, but also the first explicit scenes from the fairy fights. As usual, the video can be downloaded in two different versions.

» Low Quality Version (17,5 MB)

» High Quality Version (24 MB)

First Multiplayer-Screenshots!

F rom now on you'll find the first screenshots of the Zanzarah multiplayer mode under Artwork. This way you'll get an idea of the unbelievably variable possibilities of the game.
You will not only notice the good graphics, but also the great effects of the spells. Up to ten players can cast spells on one another in the six nicely designed multiplayer maps. You can choose between two playing modes. In the deathmatch, you'll use your own fairies from the single player mode, while in random play the computer creates a random selection of fairies for all players. With an additional unique feature you have the chance to swap fairies and spells with other players.


Loads of new screenshots
under "Artwork"

T he reworked Artwork section now contains heaps of new images from "Zanzarah" - all new and sorted for your convenience.