A fantastic and eventful world


Beautifully detailed
3D worlds


Dozens of spells from 12 different categories


Varying sub-quests await the player

ZANZARAH - The Hidden Portal

his is the enthralling story of two worlds ... the world of fantasy and the world as we know it. Once upon a time, these two were one, but now they exist separately, unaware that there ever was a connection between them.

But there is one person capable of reuniting the two worlds: An 18-year-old girl who as yet knows nothing of her powers and her importance for both realms.

Lead this girl from the trials of everyday life into a world of fantasy, magic and battle.

Explore the realm of the fairies and learn to use your heroine's increasing powers to find the fairies and to conquer them. For these fairies shall enter the arena on your behalf, whenever goblins or other magical creatures block your path.

... an exceptional girl, barely an adult, and yet equipped with incredible powers.

Collect and train fairies to make a deck and to send the best of them out to battle your enemiesr.